Copy of Parents Form

For those of you whose boys don't bring things home, here's a copy of what we need you as parents to fill out:

Parents Form
(To be signed and returned by February 11 at the first practice)

1. BINGO night I will volunteer to cover: (circle one)

January 20 February 17 March 16

April 6 May 25 June 22

2. Volleyball Booster Committee I would like to volunteer for: (circle one)

Banquet Committee Program Committee BINGO Committee

Information Committee Team Dinner Committee

2a. I would be willing to be the head of the above committee: Y/N

3. The Best Phone # To Reach Me At Is: _______________________

4. The Best Email Address To Reach Me At Is:


5. I would like to Host a Team Dinner Y/N

**I declare that the above statements are true and that I will not look dumbfounded if Coach Wheeler or Coach Crooks asks me about this form because it was I who signed it, and not my son:

(If you have any questions about anything mentioned above, we will be having a parents meeting on February 7th, where all questions will be answered, and where we will discuss the upcoming season)

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