FAQ's About Bingo

This is some information sent to me from the Booster Club to answer any questions that you might have about Bingo:

Q: Why do we have to work BINGO?
A: BINGO is the imryfundraising venture for all of Cypress High School athletic programs. The proceeds from BINGO benefit all athletic programs at the high school. BINGO has also been provn to generate the greatest profit per volunteer hours worked.
The majority of the income that BINGO produces is generated from the sales of event games, (AKA pull tabs) that are sold by the volunteers. When there are sufficient workers, the patrons of BINGO are satisfied as customers which results in higher attendance and increased spending on thir part.

Q: Can I buy my way out of working BINGO?
A: Yes, but you must make arrangements through your BINGO parent representative to do this. At this time, you must contact an eligible worker, negotiate payment arrangements and then notify your BINGO parent representative of who will be working on your behalf. We are in the process of compiling a list of workers who would be willing if called. To be eligible to work, a volunteer must be at least 18 years old and not still attending high school. When the list of potentia workers has been generated, it will be forwarded to your BINGO representative via e-mail.

Q: What if parents have religious beliefs or English language difficulties that they want to use as an excuse not to work?
A: Parents who want to use eligious beliefs or English language difficulties as an excuse not to work BINGO create hardships and resentments among those who are willing to do their fair share of volunteer work. These parents can count and bundle the event game cards or, as described previously hire a qualified worker to ork for them.

Q: Why can't the boosters simply hire workers?
A: This would seem lke an easy solution to the problem of finding workers except that state law prohibits this practice. Cypress High School Athletic Booster Club would also be in violation of their non-profit/charity status if we were to do this. For this reason, we ask that all parents who wish to hire a replacement worker do so on thei own and notify their teams BINGO parent representative.

Q: How much time will I really have to work?
A: Bingo shits are generally from 3:30 to approximately 9:30.

Q: How do I know that the money being earned at BINGO is benefitting the athletes at Cypress High School
A: You can find out exactly how much revenue BINGO is generating for each of the athletic programs at the high school by attending the monthly meetings. By joining the boostr club, and attending the monthly meetings, you can also have voting privileges. Joining the Athletic ooster Club board of directors is another way to be even more involved!

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